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Azure Cloud Computing Bootcamp

5-week time online Azure Cloud Computing bootcamp that brings tons of confidence in you to develop any web solutions in Azure.

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Azure Cloud Computing Bootcamp: 15th June, 2021

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For Azure Cloud Computing Bootcamp We Take Only 15 Students Per Batch.

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Structured Learning Path For Bootcamp

 Dedicated vs Shared vs Cloud, IaaS, PaaS & SaaS
 Cloud Solution Providers, AWS, Google Cloud

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduction to Azure Cloud Products

 Virtual Machine,Internet of Things, Azure SQL,Mobile,  Azure Cosmos DBStorage, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS),PlayFab,  DevOps, Security, App Service,Docker Container 

 Create an Azure App Service Web App, Enable diagnostics logging, Deploy code to a web app
Configure web app settings including SSL, API, and connection strings, Implement autoscaling rules, including scheduled autoscaling.

Create Azure App Service Web Apps

Implement Azure functions

 Implement input and output bindings for a function , Implement function triggers by using data operations, timers, and webhooks
Implement Azure Durable Functions 

 Create DB containers (SQL & Cosmos)
Implement scaling (partitions, containers)
Implement server-side programming including stored procedures, triggers, and change feed notifications 

DB storage (SQL & Cosmos)

Blob storage

 Move items in Blob storage between storage accounts or containers, Set and retrieve properties and metadata, Interact with data using the appropriate SDK,Implement data archiving and retention, Implement hot, cool, and archive storage 

 Implement OAuth2 authentication,  Azure Active Directory to authenticate users & role-based access controls (RBAC) 

Authentication and Authorization

Implement secure cloud solutions

Secure app configuration data by using the App Configuration and KeyVault API
Manage keys, secrets, and certificates by using the KeyVault API
Implement Managed Identities for Azure resources

Create a Logic App
Create a custom connector for Logic Apps
Create a custom template for Logic Apps

 Develop an App Service Logic App

Implement API Management

Create an APIM instance
Configure authentication for APIs
Define policies for APIs

 Implement solutions that use Azure Event Grid
Implement solutions that use Azure Notification Hubs, Implement solutions that use Azure Event Hub 

 Develop event-based solutions

Develop message-based solutions

Implement solutions that use Azure Service Bus
Implement solutions that use Azure Queue Storage queues

Develop code to implement CDN’s in solutions
Configure cache and expiration policies for FrontDoor, CDNs, or Redis caches
Store and retrieve data in Azure Redis cache

 Caching and Content delivery

Monitoring and Logging

 Configure instrumentation in an app or service by using Application Insights, Analyze log data and troubleshoot solutions by using Azure Monitor
Implement Application Insights Web Test and Alerts,Implement code that handles transient faults 

 Docker on Azure, Create container images for solutions by using Docker,Publish an image to the Azure Container Registry, Run containers by using Azure Container Instance, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 

 Implement IaaS solutions

Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure

Our online part time Azure Cloud Computing Bootcamps run 5 days a week from 7AM to 8AM IST for 5 weeks

Live Session From 7 AM to 8 AM (IST) 

Students need to come online through our gotomeeting link. This session will run for 1 hours daily.

Daily Challenge from 8 AM to 9 AM (IST)

This will the key point to show your talent and solve the given problem with the subject learnt today.

Meet Our Product Architect

Mohammed Jaleel Ahmed

Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect

Jaleel Ahmed is a Microsoft Solutions Architect. He has been designing enterprise applications in the Microsoft stack for past 15+ years. He works in a remote team environment and utilizes agile development processes to deliver solutions for complex & evolving businesses.

For Azure Cloud Computing Bootcamp We Take Only 15 Students Per Batch.

Don't miss this batch