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Full Stack ASP.Net Core Web Developer Coding Bootcamp - Part Time

18-week part time online coding bootcamp that brings tons of confidence in you to develop any tech product.

Part Time Pre Bootcamp: 6th July, 2020 | Part Time Bootcamp: 10th July, 2020

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For Part Time Coding Bootcamp We Take Only 15 Students Per Batch.

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Structured Learning Path For Bootcamp

Use MS SQL with real time database designing techniques, Writing complex Joins Queries, 
Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, 
Transactions, Triggers and lot more...

MS SQL Server

C#.Net Core

Code using C#.Net Core Programming with .Net Framework, ,Net Core And .Net Standard Libraries. Implement Inheritance, Runtime Polymorphism, dlls, Generic Collections with LINQ.

Write data access logic using Entity Framework Core Code First Approach with Class Design  
using Unit of Work, Iterator, repository, dependency injections, design patterns

Entity Framework Core

ASP.Net Core Web APIs

Implement And Consume First ASP.Net Core Web API,CRUD Operations using  IActionResult, Action Filters And Routing, Exception Handling, DI And Identity Server For Authentication And Authorization using JWT.

Learn Basics Of Web Development With HTML5, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, TypeScript On Visual Studio, Various Events, Stand Alone Object/s And JSON List.

Basics Of Web Development

Angular 9 From Scratch

SPA using Angular 9 by Designing Components, project structure, Observables, HttpClient, Http requests, Configuring headers, Interceptors, Progress events, Angular Router, Angular Modules, directives and Pipes, Reactive Forms, State management.

Implement a live project with all the above technologies learnt with google social login. n-Layered architecture for solution to our problem, with best coding practices of the top industries.

Live Project On Angular 9 & Web APIs

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

You’ve coded an application in Angular and now you want to turn it into a Progressive Web App? No problem! PWAs are a nice way to make regular web applications act like native apps on Android, Windows, Chrome OS, and more…

Getting started with Azure Cloud hosting Services, Hosting MS SQL Ser Database, Hosting ASP.Net Core Web API, Enabling Cors, hosting Angular 9 UI.

 Azure Cloud Hosting

Full Stack ASP.Net Core Web Developer

Meet Our Alumni

"The way you break a complex topic into small steps that enhances its understanding is mesmerizing. I really appreciate you going even outside of the syllabus and teach something or giving pointers that will help understanding of a certain concept when needed. Among other things that stood out the most for me, is that; you do this because it's your talent and passion to teach. You put your students and their success before anything else for you."
Amon wesiga
Software Engineer - Infosys Ltd in North Carolina, USA.
"You are awesome!  I have been following you guys at least for past 5 years.   The way you explain things is very methodical and even a fresher can understand.   Really appreciate the impact you create for the community.  Just not only in India. but outside."

Uma Gunaranjan
.Net Senior Developer
"So awesome!! You are truly a professor of simplicity. Your teaching methodology is such an excellent style and it has help to have deeper understanding of 3 tier architecture among others."
Sidiki M. Trawally
Deputy Manager, IT Department - Internal Bank (Liberia) Limited
"Dot Net training at its best. To be honest, it gives an amazing feeling of satisfaction when the trainer makes you understand the subject in simpler terms and at the end of the training sessions you feel confident enough that I can implement the learnt subject in the real time scenarios without much guidance." 

Mohammed Ibrahim Khadri 
.Net Application Developer - Logic Systems

Our online part time coding bootcamps run 
5 days a week from 8PM to 9PM IST for 18 weeks

Live Session From 8PM to 9PM (IST) 

Students need to come online through our gotomeeting link. This session will run for 1 hours daily.

Daily Challenge from 9 PM to 10 PM (IST)

This will the key point to show your talent and solve the given problem with the subject learnt today.

Meet Our Instructor

Mohammed Manzoor Ahmed

Founder, Microsoft Certified Trainer

Manzoor is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who has been working on MS .Net technologies for more than a decade. Apart from development he is also passionate about delivering training on various MS .Net technologies and he has 15+ years of experience as a software development teacher. He writes articles for code-project as well. His YouTube channel has 2 million hits. He is the founder of ManzoorTheTrainer portal.

"I focus on simplifying, complex concepts..." - MTT

For Part Time Coding Bootcamp We Take Only 15 Students Per Batch.

Don't miss this batch